READ 1 Kings 19.9-11; John 15.18-27 and Matthew 5.10-12

As we decide by faith to pursue the good life and experience the kingdom of God, we’ll encounter persecution and opposition from the dark powers that rule this present age. At the very least, we’ll experience internal spiritual persecution as we fight sin and shed the old way of living. In those moments we can either turn to Jesus or worldly tactics to fight against persecution.

Matthew 5.10-12 is not only encouragement but it should be exhortation. It should not only comfort but convict us. The example of other believers should wake us from our sleep and sloth. We should be challenged to live like Jesus every day.

“The greatest criticism of the Church today is that no one wants to persecute it: because there is nothing very much to persecute it about.”

Matthew 5.10-12 Framework

  • The Harassment We Face
    • Work
    • Social
    • Family
  • The Hope Jesus Gives
    • Theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    • Great is your reward.
  • The Help for Everyday
    • Live like Jesus.
    • Find joy in Jesus.

What if Pastor Derwin Gray is correct?

Derwin Gray, ‘In the midst of the church being pushed to the margins, I believe our post-Xian culture is a fertile environment for the church in America to experience revival…Jesus’ church can have a deeper, more faithful experience of what it means to follow him and embody his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.’

Will we put flesh and blood to the beatitudes of Jesus now?

  1. How do blessing and persecution seem to contradict one another?
  2. What does it mean to be persecuted “because of righteousness”?
  3. Have you ever experienced any kind of backlash because of your faith?
  4. For you personally, is the gospel message worth enduring persecution?
  5. How can we better pray for brothers and sisters in Christ who are being persecuted in greater ways than what we are currently facing?

How Happy Are the Harassed