Read Matthew 5.9 & Colossians 1.19-20.

The gospel has granted us peace with God, and part of living the good life means we extend that peace to others. Pursuing peace (Matt. 5:9) is intertwined with hungering and thirsting for righteousness and being merciful (Matt. 5:7-8). Becoming a peacemaker requires that God has first brought us into peace with Him through the forgiveness that comes by grace through faith in Jesus. Then, out of the overflow of the Holy Spirit’s power, God enables us to live righteously and mercifully in response to the gospel. Peace isn’t passive. Being peaceful is a fleeting state of mind. Peacemaking is an active, God-given pursuit.


  • Peacemakers are difference makers.
  • Peacemakers reflect God to a watching world.
  • The true peacemaker is Jesus

Think it over:

  1. Why is peacemaking so difficult?
  2. What, then, does a lack of peace in one’s relationships indicate?
  3. What did Jesus do to make peace between you and His Father?
  4. How is Jesus the true peacemaker?
  5. Do you view yourself as a peacemaker? Explain

Happy Peacemakers Study Guide