Eugene Peterson wrote, ‘There can be no maturity in the spiritual life, no obedience in following Jesus, no wholeness in the Christian life apart from immersion and embrace of community. I am not myself by myself. Community, not the highly vaunted individualism of our culture, is the setting in which’ Christ is at work.


We become what we behold. Or, put another way. We become like the things we love most. When we express our love to God, we’re worshiping. The act of worship is the starting place of Christian activity. Like the mouth of the river, everything flows from worship into other areas of our lives. Worship is engaging God. Jesus is the object of our worship. Our music selection is eclectic. Follow us on Spotify to see what we’re singing this week. We don’t want to sing at you; we want to sing with you. Our folks love singing together! Worship involves more than singing. We also read scripture and pray together. On the first Sunday we worship by remembering the cross in Communion. Our hope is simple. You leave the doors inspired to encounter God every day of the week.


A church is not only a worshiping community. It is a learning, growing community. We grow by reading and applying the Word. The Word created the church (Acts 2) and is centered on the Word. Jesus is the hero of scripture (Luke 24). Whether in a corporate gathering or small group discussion, we unpack scripture to see Jesus on every page. Every week we open the Bible to hear from Jesus and follow his leadership. None of us need another ‘to-do’ for the week. Normally, our preachers use the English Standard Version; feel free to use whatever translation works best for you. We can recommend some to you or even get you a copy of the Bible. Contact the office to receive a copy of this week’s sermon based small group guide.


As Christians, we’re called to belong, not just believe. We want to share life together. Baptism is a symbol of our identity with Christ and entrance into his family. You don’t have to live your life in isolation. You need the prayers and encouragement of others. We believe the church ought to be a home for people of every color, shape, personality, story, age, ethnicity, and socio-economic background. We ought to be able to befriend and do life with people who are unique and different than we are. Fellowship is not automatic. It requires discipline and dedication. We may be small compared to other churches in our community. Our size enables us to personally care and support one another. You’re more than a number or a face in the crowd.


Life is messy and people are broken. We do not want to make it hard for people beginning or returning to a relationship with God. We love people who are hurting and want to do whatever we can to help. We’re a community of broken people finding healing in Jesus together. We want people to meet Jesus and become more like Jesus. We express the gospel in word and deed. We partner with local groups. Young Life of Flower Mound & Lewisville routinely holds their club events on our campus. We donate money and fresh produce from our garden to CCA. Denton Adult ISD provides ESL and GED classes on our campus. We go global through other partnerships.