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My father0April 12, 2020Details

My father

Elizabeth Spurlock
Hi Church Family, We sure do miss seeing everyone but thankful we are able to worship in our homes and celebrate Resurrection Sunday. I come to you all this evening with a heavy heart. My father had a bad fall a week ago. He is moving into a new house and unfortunately, this house needs many repairs but he was up for the challenge. He was on a ladder and got overheated and fell off of it. He also suffers from vertigo and the doctors believe that it was exacerbated which contributed to his fall. He was in the hospital for 3 days and I was very nervous for him. He despises hospitals and I was nervous for him and covid-19 exposure. After much testing, the doctors released him and he is completing exercises at home that are designed to help his vertigo. Unfortunately, the exercises are not working and he is also showing signs of short term memory loss and also early signs of long term memory loss. He is extremely smart and inventive, but now simple math formulas perplex him. Knowing my father, this has to frustrate him. He has been through so many trials and tribulations, and I know he is struggling right now. I, too, am struggling being away from him as he lives in TN and is going through this. I also have not been entirely fair to him since my mother passed away, so I am processing my emotions. Please pray for him, his recovery, his doctors, his wife, and his heart. Please pray for me that I may not have a hard heart towards my father and I can support him, even though I am hundreds of miles away. - Elizabeth Spurlock
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