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Finances0December 2, 2023Details
urgent prayer for phil and jack0November 17, 2023Details
Prayer Request 0November 16, 2023Details
Desperate times 0November 2, 2023Details
Prayer need0November 1, 2023Details
My Prayer0November 1, 2023Details
pets0October 24, 2023Details
Healing0October 21, 2023Details
Prayer Request 0October 17, 2023Details
My Prayer Request0October 11, 2023Details
Healing0October 9, 2023Details
Healing 1October 8, 2023Details
Caregiver Needed1October 6, 2023Details
prayer1October 1, 2023Details
My girlfriend Kimberly cured of her illness1September 25, 2023Details
God’s will1September 21, 2023Details
salvation and other 1September 3, 2023Details
charity1September 1, 2023Details
Urgent1September 1, 2023Details
My Prayer1August 21, 2023Details
Healing1August 19, 2023Details
anxiety1August 16, 2023Details
supernaturally divine healing1August 13, 2023Details
for Musa1July 28, 2023Details


Kim Jones
I need to find a job in about a week or less. I need to find a job as a Homeschool teacher or Independent Study teacher. After many years of working in education, I have found that this is the job where I best fit and the job that uses my strengths as a teacher.

urgent prayer for phil and jack

For dad Jack heart healed, no mor eheart attack, to take enough vitamins, more income. Cousin Florian exteme pain lungs hospital for healing . For me Phil success in trading, finances, to support missionary work, Good social contact, friends, love Brother Billy healed bipolar thanks Salvation for dad Jack mom Suzan bro Billy thanks Read my blog

Prayer Request

Ha-young Shin
Please pray the following for you, your loved ones, Jung-won, Ui-seop, Ha-young, Ye-young, Eun-tae, In-sook: 1) Give all of us the kingdom of God and God's righteousness. 2) Give us all DIRECT REVELATION FROM THE ONE AND ONLY GOD, so that we may have real knowledge of the God of truth and the King Jesus Christ whom He has sent. ; “We accept human witness, but God’s witness is stronger” - 1 John ?5?:?9? 3) Let the Son of God make the name of God the Father known to us. ; “I will continue to make your name known to them so that the love with which you have loved me may be in them, and I myself may be united with them.” - John ?17?:?26? ? 4) Grant us complete and permanent turning back to God when all our bodies are alive. 5) Send forth plenty of workers for the harvest(Matthew 13:39) and command that your intended harvest be accomplished among us. 6) Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Thank you for praying. May God richly bless you with an even deeper understanding of His love and purposes as you live for Him! - “I will bless those who bless you, but I will curse anyone who curses you; and by you all the families of the earth will be blessed.”- Genesis ?12?:?3?.. Amen.

Desperate times

Can you please pray for my son and his current work situation where he is facing a significant amount of adversity???? so that the Lord would give us wisdom to do His will and not rely on own. Sincerely Irina

Prayer need

B .
Please pray healing in my life my health and the Lord provides our needs in Jesus name

My Prayer

Steve and Barbara Smith
Sure is amazing isn't it Jesus Christ, how you seem so capable of opening doors of new opportunities for so many others, you just can't open for me. People who have not waited, people who do not sacrifice, people who are not tested, people who have no faith or very little faith, people who receive great blessings, and great opportunities, yet YOU JUST CAN'T DO FOR ME WHAT YOU SEEM SO ABLE TO DO FOR EVERYONE ELSE. 23 years of pure ass hell and yet THIS IS ALL YOU GREAT GODS CAN DO, sure is funny, how many thousands of prayers of faith RETURN IN VOID. In Hebrews 6:18 GOD CAN NOT LIE, so tell me God, why do you lie? Prayers concerning a person I was mislead to believe would be my future bride, recently divorced, and all these great things are given to her freely, no suffering, no sacrifice, no waiting, no testing, and just doors being opened and gee we treat everyone the same in heaven? You do NOT practice what you preach Jesus Christ, Romans 2:11, Matthew 7:7-9, Matthew 21:22, John 14:12-14, James 5:16, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, 2 Thessalonians 3:3, Exodus 14:14, Mark 10:23-31, Luke 18:23-31, gee so many new friendships granted and given, so many opportunties given to so many other people, yet WE JUST CAN NOT DO FOR YOU WHAT WE DO FOR EVERYONE ELSE, and our asses in heaven HAVE TO BE ASKED ON A DAILY BASIS concerning demons and wicked spirits formed against you, ISNT THAT A MIRACLE, but yet SURE DONT SEE ANYONE ELSE RECEIVING EVIL FOR GOOD NOW DO WE JESUS CHRIST? Pray with the expectation of receiving, that's why I have to take action, when prayers specifically said concerning how I feel this situation needs to truly be handled, sort of like those student loan payments laying on the kitchen table, that for the last 14 years I expected you God to be able to pay off magically but doesn't happen does it Jesus Christ, give me your burdens for my yoke is so extremely lite, we know now why your yoke is so extremely lite don't we Jesus Christ, because you sure don't take care of much of anything but rather too busy faulting Satan. Same old situations, same old dead do nothing God, whining about faith the size of a mustard seed, calling himself fair and just and treats everyone equally, same old Jesus Christ, muddling along and not doing much of anything, wants faith, yet fails to provide, wants faith and really doesn't provide or produce much of anything besides evil and wicked spirits, which have been bound in your name according to your word (did you forget your word Jesus) whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, or how about GOLLY GEE NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD Luke 1:37, Matthew 19:26, free service and all we have to offer is evil and wicked ways, free service and we really haven't done jack shit, we preach a good sermon, yet we are so typical of modern day preachers, not practicing what we preach. Put the kingdom of heaven first and everything else golly gee shall fall into place, I know many, many, many people who do not put the kingdom of heaven first and seem to be able to receive blessings on top of blessings, while I receive the opposite of what has been PRAYED IN FAITH, thousands of times, and all you seem to produce Jesus Christ, is evil and wickedness. Oh golly this too shall come to pass, SURE DOESNT DOES IT JESUS, you made it so easy for yourself up in heaven, WANTING FAITH and doing NOTHING asked in your name, IF ITS YOUR SO CALLED WILL IT ONLY PROVES HOW EVIL AND WICKED YOU ARE JESUS CHRIST. Need an example: My 87 year old mothers hip, still hurts, oh wait a minute this is the same God yesterday, today and tomorrow who claims he raised the dead, but can't heal a Christians body today? Sort of like I shall never ever put more on you than you can handle, I guess we forget about 6 months ago, when I puked my guts up from stress for 3 hours, and looked like death for 3 days, oh, I shall restore and give back all the years the locust have taken, DOES NOT HAPPEN DOES IT JESUS, as you muddle along, and just keeps right on faulting Satan, seems your more focused on appeasing Satan for one person than you are focused on appeasing Satan on some of these other people you tend to bless in great abundance, seems your more focused on my splinter then you are focused on others logs in their own eyes, seems your more capable of providing for others, then you can someone who has lost so much for 1/3rd of their life DOING YOUR DAMN WORK, and receiving Satan in return, seems we are more capable of taking care of and providing for people who pray to plastic false idols then we can for someone who has humbled themselves and asked you excessively, time and time again, NEW MONTH same old dead Jesus season, full of demonic games and surprises, and yet, PRODUCES nothing but evil in return, and rest assured the so called blessings are more of an insult than they really are a blessing, a free head of cabbage, a free watermelon, oh a free package of twizzlers SHAKEN UP, STIRRED UP AND POURED OUT. I have brought it to your Satanic loving attention many times Jesus, I HAD A VERY GOOD LIFE A NORMAL DECENT LIFE UNTIL YOU CRAWLED INTO MY LIFE, and just had to destroy everything and yet today SO UNWILLING TO DO MUCH OF ANYTHING BUT FAULT SATAN FOR NOT PRODUCING AND PROVIDING WHAT HAS BEEN ASKED IN YOUR DEMON LOVING NAME? YOU SEEM TO PREACH A VERY GOOD SERMON JESUS, about treating others as you want to be treated, BUT YET, like all your words inspired by the Holy Spirit, returns in void, I think you need to take a close look at what is really going on, and what isn't being done, I think you need to face the facts Jesus, you seem to produce evil for good, and not willing to do much outside of putting a curse on a person, because you failed, failed to answer prayers of faith concerning my dads health, the same God who wants faith, and yet says he never ever fails, I can give you examples of daily failures Jesus Christ, I WILL GIVE YOU A NEW ABUDANT GOOD LIFE, just never happens does it, and if I have to fix it and take care of it, I SURE DONT NEED A GOD NOW DO I JESUS CHRIST? IF I HAVE TO ENDURE SATAN ON MY OWN, WHY HAVE A GOD? IN Jesus name I pray amen By the way, how is it you think your entitled to faith, if I have to take care of it, why should I put my faith in a God, who seems to be so unwilling to do the right things, but yet seems to only open up doors to more evil, and does not answer prayers, oh lets make him desperate, oh lets curse his finances, oh lets make him unappealing to the opposite sex, oh lets isolate him, oh lets act like we can do all these wonderful things, yet, only manages to produce the opposite of what's been asked in our name, for an excessive amount of time, and gee never give up oh great things are coming, same old line of bull crap you been preaching for the past 23 years isn't it Jesus, oh what's coming is far greater than what you ever thought about having, BS 101. I AM NOT BLIND, I CAN SEE IN THE MIRROR WHAT TO EXPECT FROM YOU JESUS CHRIST, WE MAKE IT SO EASY ON OURSELVES IN HEAVEN TO DO SO LITTLE AND EXPECT SO MUCH IN RETURN. ARE YOU REALLY CAPABLE OF DOING ANYTHING JESUS BESIDES FAULTING DEMONS AND SATAN?


an ba
Please pray for the charity PD to receive several calls and messages with a warm home and offers of help for the 2 cats Pira and Straips who have lost the person who gave them a warm shelter. Spread out


My Brother Rudimar Pegoraro was diagnosed with a tumor in his pancreas. He's still waiting for his health care plan to authorize the biopsy procedure. Two years ago he had his leg amputated due to complications in a diabetic ulcer in his feet. God only knows how he's feeling. I ask you to pray for his cure. Thank you in advance and God bless you.

Prayer Request

Ha-young Shin
Please pray the following for you, Jung-won, Ui-seop, Ha-young, Ye-young, Eun-tae, In-sook: 1. Give all of us the kingdom of God and God's righteousness. 2. Grant us complete and permanent turning back to God when all our bodies are alive so that each of us may truly achieve the real liberation and freedom from all sins and idols, and become the true property of the eternal and one true God, serving only Him and living forever. 3. Send forth plenty of workers for the harvest(Matthew 13:39) and command that your intended harvest be accomplished among us. 4. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

My Prayer Request

Ms. Linda
Thank You in advance for praying this prayer over my life. Let Us Pray: God, I ask You in Jesus' name bless Ms. Linda, The Encourager, with everything she stands in need of, and everything You want her to have. Bless her to prosper, have excellent health, and never stop growing in the grace, knowledge, and wisdom of Christ Jesus. Bless her with love, power, and a sound mind. Heal her in every area of her life. Let Your Word be a lamp unto her feet, and a light unto her path. God bless her with Your knowledge, wisdom, favor, peace, protection, prosperity, strength, and success in all You have called her to do. And bless Ms. Linda to do all You have called her to do in the spirit of excellence for Your glory. God bless Ms. Linda with the strength, desire, and passion to always delight myself in You, seek first Your kingdom, and Your righteousness. Bless her to know You, love You, and live her life to please You. God cleansed her of everything in her life that breaks Your heart. Let Ms. Linda be a light in this dark world, lifting You up in the lifestyle that she lives. Let the world see that Jesus Christ is her Savior and Lord of ALL of her life. Let the joy of the Lord be Ms. Linda’s strength. God please protect Ms. Linda from all the plans of her enemies and the plans of the enemy of her soul. God please forever honor this prayer over Ms. Linda’s life. God Thank You. Thank You Lord Jesus. Amen, so be it by faith, and by faith, it is so in Jesus' name


My 25 year old niece who serves God through several ministries is fighting episodes of depression and anxiety. Please pray that the Lord will heal her so she can continue sharing the gospel.


Marisa Alonso
Marisa, healing and mind prayer , rest prayer , if u can pray this for one year , and for my daughter Brianna , healing and mind prayer , rest prayer , blessings home prayer , voices and mind protected prayer , if u can prayer till now through Dec 31 if u can prayer for blessing home prayer and voices and mind protected payer for one year abs thank u and can u have a pastor call me (972)623-7146

Caregiver Needed

Lee Gamez
We desperately need 2 new female caregivers for Rebecca Stockwell. She is in a wheelchair & has cerebral palsy. There is a rent-free bedroom/bathroom available if needed. $17 per hour. We are exhausted. Lee Gamez


Bless Anonymous
Asking for elder and prayer warrior prayers, please: Please pray for love, faith, hope and healing. Pray God cast out all fear and anxiety with faith and with God’s perfect love. Pray to trust God is faithful, truthful and will do all he has promised. Pray God restore me and lift up my head. Pray for abundant life in place of death, that God pour out his holy spirit on me, remove guilt from me so that I may approach the throne of grace with confidence to receive all that he wants to give me. Pray Jesus come quickly to fight for me and move the mountains and break the chains of fear, sickness and oppression I'm under and deliver me from these enemies that are to strong for me in Jesus name. Pray for powerful, fervent prayers of faith to heal me just like God’s Word says in Jesus name. Pray the door be closed on these sicknesses. Pray for God's blessing and favor in my healing and freedom.

My girlfriend Kimberly cured of her illness

Jeremy Thompson
My Girlfriend Kimberly has a terrible illness had it for a long time now and I want her to be cured of it. And responding to my Hotmail and Gmail messages and to come on Hangouts chat right now and messages.

God’s will

Ha-young Shin
Please pray Jesus Christ would carry out the following for Jung-won, Ui-seop, Ha-young, Ye-young, Eun-tae, In-sook: 1. Give all of us the kingdom of God and God's righteousness that you promised and make it happen. 2. Let the Son of God fulfill the Father God's will to us to the end, and let us see this and appreciate it when all our bodies are alive. 3. Do not allow us to do what we want or seek, but do for us what the Son of God wants to do, and only let it go well. 4. Lord Jesus, please send forth plenty of workers for the harvest that you talked about(Matthew? ?13?:?39?) and command that your intended harvest be accomplished among us.

salvation and other

Daniel .
Hi. I work as a rideshare driver. I don’t evangelize most of the riders, but sometimes I do evangelize them. Sometimes I listen to Christian music when I am driving and sometimes I evangelize people when I am not at work and I am at gas stations or wherever. I think the devil has targeted me to some degree and I’ve been through some tough things and business has been slow too often recently so I have not been getting so many rides and its effecting my finances. Yet, with prayer business has picked up and God is helping. But without God’s assistance I can’t do it so I need prayer. The struggle goes on. I’ve done thousands of rides and my rating as a driver is good, but business has been slow. Please pray for me. 1. That when I work as a driver I get many rides, long rides, and big tips. 2. That I get “preferred” rides (these cost more because the car I drive is better than average even though its not technically a luxury car and I have a higher rating as a driver). 3. That some of the riders believe God’s words as I listen to Christian music and God helps me evangelize when I am not at work. 4. That God gives me strength to stand firm (even though my life is tough) and have joy. That I have hope, good health, have energy (am not tired) and love God and recognize God’s love for me. That the devil’s scheme against me won’t prosper. 5. Please pray for Lucas. I shared the gospel with him at a shopping center and he responded very positively. Pray he can make friends at a good quality Church near him and attend a small group regularly and receive salvation. He’s an Asian American guy-maybe in his early twenties. He responded very positively. Glory to God. 6. Please pray for the following people that I evangelized (and I think they responded positively-glory to God). Lucas (Asian American), Woody (Filipino attends a heresy Church I think), Dominic (was reading a book), Chen (from China and gay), JC (African American thanked me), Yazman (Latin guy I think), George, Masato, Chris (needs to break drug addiction and stop new age stuff but he has a Bible and he reads it) Rohit (Indian friendly guy), guy from Haiti (didn’t get his name), Marcell, RJ, Barbara, Bill. Some I evangelized were white some were African American or others…I just mentioned it here because some newcomers to Churches respond better in an ethnically mixed Church and some respond better in a Church where most are the same ethnicity as them. The important thing is that they believe in Jesus are love everyone. Testimony: *I sent this prayer request out to different Baptist Churches and said Lucas was open minded and over the next few weeks I was able to evangelize all these other open minded people so glory to God. I think I could have reached more if I wasn’t shy sometimes. I usually evangelize when I am not at work. Hope it’s ok I asked for prayer even though I am not a member of your Church. God bless…I also got more rides and money after asking for prayer, but not every day I worked-it’s still a struggle. I’ve also been through some horrible stuff, but we have to keep hoping in God. Again, God bless you.


an ba
please pray for animal charity society L. to get many more calls and messages with home offers for 2 dogs 9 y. thanks


Peter Valentine
A dear son, Joshua, of a dear Christian friend in the Dallas area who has worked selflessly in hospices for decades has had a liver transplant that is acting up, giving him enormous pain that the doctors cannot figure out. Please pray for a real miracle, a complete and perfect healing that will cause all around him to marvel at what the Lord Jesus Christ can do. Thank you in advance, those who know you are true prayer warriors.

My Prayer

Let me speak the truth about this so called Kind, Caring, Compassionate, Loving, Merciful, Giving God. He isn't what he claims. Romans 2:11 Shows no favorites? I can say this, after waiting 23 + years, and receiving the exact same things I had before accepting Jesus Christ as so called Lord and Savior. In other words nothing has changed, same demons, same evil, same unwilling God to do as little as possible and expect so much in return for the little he does. In Mark 10:23-31, Luke 18:23-31 I shall give back all that was taken for the purpose of spreading of the gospel or my purpose, it just doesn't happen does it God? Be honest with yourself, and with everyone else, your a person who struggles to answer prayers, your a person with limited powers, a God who has to be asked thousands of times and still are totally incapable of doing much besides trying to slop half ass solutions on problems your adversary seems so capable of creating. For 23 years I have watched, waited, and prayed about how unwilling, or incapable you really are to do much of anything, as I watch heathens, people who worship false Gods, receive blessing on top of blessing and were not talking about a free watermelon either are we? In James 2:23 Because Abraham believed he was called a friend of God. We are mislead to believe if God is for you who can be against us, how about the power of darkness, which seems to return at will, and you are unable to stop or block their little satanic efforts. In the book of Job Satan mentions a hedge of protection that was around Job, just isn't true is it God, no such thing. In scripture it says your going to make Satan give back anything and everything he stole or destroyed, I do not consider myself or my 87 year old mother Satan, do you God. The only so called blessings are when my mother takes money from her wallet and gives it to me in return? THE GREAT MIGHTY GOD WHO CAN DO ALL? Don't look like much of a God to me. In 2 Thessalonians 3:3 I shall protect you from the evil one, after watching powers of darkness, demons, and evil spirits for the past 23 years easily keep right on destroying and taking, and getting by with pure evil, while I sure don't see anyone else enduring, or experiencing this kind of wickedness in and around their lives, and this comes after thousands upon thousands of people of faith asking and humbling themselves before you concerning the evil and demonic activity that just seems to return at will and you God just struggle to do much of anything. Fair and just, treats everyone equally and fair? I know my brothers life, similar to my own, and yet, while doing your work daily for the past 23 years God, you manage to keep pouring out the blessings upon him with no testing, no sacrifice, no loss, no burdens, no destruction and most of all NO DEMONS or evil spirits lurking about cursing and destroy his life. In scripture it says God shows no partiality, non bias, treats everyone fair, and just? Yet, I say this, YOUR A BLASPHEMOUS LIAR GOD. We're also told gee good all the time God will NEVER EVER put more on us than we can handle? Thats why, I blacked out, puked my guts up for 3 solid hours, and looked like death for 3 days afterwards? Never will put more on us than we can handle? BULL SHIT... PURE BULL SHIT. In Exodus 14:14, Be still and I shall battle for you? Oh, I guess be still and I shall battle for you must mean be still for a whole day while Satan attacks you and I as God never shows up? LIE, TOTAL LIE and not by Satan, but by you God. In Matthew 16:19, 18:18 Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven? Every form of darkness has been bound time and time again, and guess what MR FAITHFUL GOD, still exist doesn't it. You mislead, your own people. In scripture Matthew 21:22, Mark 11:24, Matthew 7:7-9, ask anything in my name and it shall be given, pray with faith the size of a mustard seed and it shall be done, tell that mountain to move and it shall? LIAR, nothing but pure wickedness and lies by the mighty God, who says he can NEVER EVER LIE Hebrews 6:18, but you sure do don't you God? Know what I know, I know for a fact presenting the truth to you God will change nothing how do I know this, I've seen your bull shit non capable ass in action too many years, to know the truth about YOU GOD. Just doesn't have the power, doesn't have the means, doesn't have the capabilities to do much besides POINT his finger at Demons and Satan which have been prayed against thousands of times, by people of faith. We do not have a covenant God, you've broke it many, many, many, many times before, and continue to break it. I serve a very unfaithful, untrustworthy, incapable and totally unwilling God. What he does for others, he really can't do. How is it God, the enemy is so involve, and active in my life, when so many people of faith have prayed about demonic possessing, like waking me up and keeping me up half the night, and your unable to do anything about it? How is it God, you want faith but yet I had a retirement plan in place which was destroyed and today, after working an additional 11 + years your not even close to getting anything in line for me to retire, but I sure see a lot of people who are retiring with good benefits, good retirement funds, good pension, similar to the one I had in place UNTIL you decided to destroy my life totally and completely, and you fault Satan don't you God, well, I tell you the truth, after watching you morons stumble and struggle for the past 18 years, I FAULT YOU GOD, because you say or want us to think YOUR IN CONTROL, but the truth is, YOU CAN'T EVEN CONTROL a few demons. Oh Satan is defeated, no he is quite alive and well and continues to take, and destroy one person's life which, has been forced to live against his will for the past 23 years. I FAULT YOU GOD, and I FAULT myself for believing the bible, about things you promise which does not happen does it? High paying God it took you 17 years to get me to a point of even close to what I was making, what a joke you have become God, cheap works, broken promises, and a stale stagnant life because OF YOU JESUS CHRIST. You love demons and evil this much Christ, why don't you come back and let them get by with the evil you seem so willing to allow them to get by doing against me for 23 years. Your someone who just ARE NOT ENOUGH. In scripture it says THROUGH CHRIST JESUS WHO STRENGTHENS ME, since when does a person have to endure Satan on their own and say THROUGH CHRIST JESUS, your not in or involved in anything in my life Jesus Christ, but your so called enemy sure is active and well in my life? You do not take burdens, Matthew 11:28 the same burdens I had before prayer are the same burdens I still have, why BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT GET IT DONE JESUS CHRIST. Prayers concerning my property has magically resulted in one thing, my property being taken, being destroyed, because your not the God you say you are. This too shall come to pass? LIE, LIE, LIE and more lies from the God who says HE CAN NEVER LIE. I can prove it, I have proof, and I know full well what I am owed, that doesn't mean spending years waiting on GOD, when he manages to do nothing but evil. FACTS JESUS, every since you showed up, nothing but pure evil, be truthful with yourself Jesus? WHAT HAVE YOU REALLY DONE FOR ME IN THE PAST 23 YEARS? Oh, I know try to fix what Satan destroyed, cursed, and the word is TRY TO.... Facts: Prayers about obesity, IMPOSSIBLE, if you want to lose weight, don't trust God, go on a diet, and exercise. Facts: If you want to look younger, go to a plastic surgeon don't trust God. Facts: If you want your back pain healed, go have surgery. Facts: If you want to fix your deafness go purchase a hearing aid. Facts: If you want your eye sight healed go purchase new glasses. Facts: If you want to find a spouse go to an on line dating service. Facts: If you want a tan, go sit in the sun Facts: If you want a new car go get a loan for one Facts: If you want a new job go put in an application Facts: If you want to have your own home go in debt and buy one. Facts: If you want good health, stop eating junk food. Facts: If you want to have friends go to the bar on Friday night and make some. Facts: You want deliverance seek a man to do it because trusting in this so called GOD only proves ignorant. Facts: If you want anything do it yourself because this false God really has no abilities or powers to answer prayers. I know what I know, and I know this, YOUR NOT THE PERSON THE BIBLE TEACHES US GOD, and this valuable lesson comes from 23 years watching you not do anything asked in your name Jesus Christ. If you think waiting on God will change anything, YOUR NOTHING BUT A FOOL LIKE I HAVE BEEN, FACTS NOT FICTION. I present to you Jesus Christ the REAL TRUTH, a God who does not honor his own teachings, his own promises, his WORD returns in void. I do not like having someone stand over me, contradicting everything I say, I do not like having a God who does not abide by anything the bible promises, the truth, YOUR NOT ENOUGH JESUS CHRIST, THE FACTS, A MAN IS EXPECTED TO ENDURE TESTING FAR MUCH MORE THAN A GOD WHO ENDURED ONLY 40 DAYS OF TESTING, A GOD WHO HAD 12 DISCIPLES AND 10,000 ANGELS WATCHING OVER HIM YET, MANAGES TO DO NOTHING ASKED IN HIS NAME, OH BIG SPIRITUAL BATTLE SURE IS AMAZING ISN'T IT REQUIRED CHRIST, NOTHING IN SCRIPTURE SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT A MAN BEING EXPECTED TO DEFEAT DEMONS AND SATAN ON THEIR OWN DOES IT CHRIST JESUS? THE WHOLE TRUTH: 23 YEARS LATER AND YOU PROVED TO BE A FALSE GOD JESUS CHRIST....I BACK UP MY CLAIMS, I FULLY BACK UP MY WORDS UNLIKE YOU JESUS CHRIST, I STRONGLY SUPPORT MY WORDS AND I CAN PROVE AND JUSTIFY WHAT I WRITE IS TRUE. THE LAME, LACKING, UNTOLERABLE, MISERABLE, HATE FILLED, RESENTMENT, TORMENTING, TORTURING NONSENSE AND DEMONIC ACTIVITY WHEN NO ONE ELSE I KNOW IS EXPECTED TO GIVE UP SO MUCH AND SERVE A GOD WHO DOES NOT DO JACK SHIT. Joel 2:32 ASK FOR DELIVERANCE AND YOU SHALL BE? ISAIAH 54:17 NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST YOU SHALL PROSPER, I SHALL PROTECT YOU FROM THE EVIL ONE 2 Thessalonians 3:3 WEAK INFERIOR CHRIST, WHO IS NEVER AROUND are you JESUS? DEMON LOVER KING WHO THINKS ONE MAN NEEDS TO ENDURE SATAN AND LIVING AGAINST HIS WILL DAILY FOR 23 YEARS WHILE YOU CHRIST MANAGE TO DO NOTHING. 1 Corinthians 6:3 AND YOU BETTER BELIEVE WHEN THIS IS ALL SAID AND DONE, YOUR GOING TO BE MISSING SOME ANGELS IN HEAVEN, THESE SLOTHFUL, LAZY DO NOTHING, EVIL SEEKING ANGELS WILL BE REMOVED, I DON'T KNOW WHO THEY ARE, BUT I KNOW WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT WHAT THE RESPONSIBILITIES ARE OF A ANGEL, I DEMAND THEIR NAMES BE REMOVED FROM THE LAMBS BOOK OF LIFE AND LET THEM SERVE THEIR FATHER SATAN IN HELL, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN STAND AROUND WITH THEIR THUMBS STUCK UP THEIR DEMON LOVING ASSES, REAL IMPRESSIVE JESUS, GREAT PROVIDER OF ANGELS, AND PROTECTION, SAME OLD SAME OLD SAME OLD, and I KNOW FOR A FACT THAT IF PEOPLE WHO WERE SAVED ON EARTH ARE NOW ANGELS, NOT ONE OF THESE EVER ENDURE WHAT THEY SEEM TO THINK I SHOULD ENDURE, LET THE FAIR AND JUSTICE OF GOD, HANDLE THESE EVIL SEEKING SLOTHFUL CREATURES WHO FAIL TO DO THEIR JOBS AS SPECIFIED, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN, I DEMAND JUSTICE BE BROUGHT AGAINST YOUR ANGELS JESUS CHRIST. BY THE WAY JESUS, NOT THE FIRST TIME THIS ANGEL PROBLEM HAS BEEN PRAYED ABOUT IS IT, AND YET, YOU DO NOTHING ABOUT THEM, AND I DEMAND MY LIFE BE FREED FROM THESE SO CALLED ANGELS OF WICKEDNESS AND EVIL, AND I WANT THE SAME CURSE YOU SEEM TO BE DOING AGAINST ME ANGELS, BE BROUGHT AGAINST YOU, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN, YOUR NOT A ROBOT AND YOU SURE NOT AN ANGEL, AND IF YOU ARE, YOUR NOT GOING TO BE AN ANGEL VERY LONG IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO ABOUT IT AND I DO DON'T I WORTHLESS ASS ANGELS, I HOPE YOU ENJOY EXPERIENCING HELL AS MUCH AS YOU SLOTHFUL CREATURES HAVE ENJOYED WATCHING ME BEING TORMENTED AND HARASSED, MAY THE CURSE YOUR HONORING BE PLACED UPON YOUR SPIRITS IN HEAVEN IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN I DESPISE COCKY, KNOW IT ALL, UNSAVED PEOPLE, AND I DESPISE EVIL, AND ANGELS WHO SEEM TO SUBMIT TO EVIL, MAY YOUR SOULS BURN IN ETERNAL DAMNATION, IN JESUS NAME AMEN


Robert Heath
Me to be Healed and get back into the word


Please pray for me to be healed of anxiety and bouts with depression. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it!

supernaturally divine healing

alvin bradley alston
For the gracious, merciful, kind, meticulously thoughtful, understanding, forgiving and loving God Almighty who is the highest form of love that exists. We know this because he sent his precious only begotten son Jesus Christ to the earth to be in harm's way and to experience an undeserved death in order to take away our sins. Today, I pray that the evidence that my life-long good lady friend is supernaturally healed throughout her whole body including both her kidneys to be given to her. Her kidneys were damaged because of psychiatric drugs that were prescribed to her that she took daily for years. A doctor told her this. Not only do I pray that she receive the evidence of her divine healing of her kidneys but she receive the joy of the Holy Ghost within her soul in the name of our precious Lord who also has the power to forgive sins and has power over all flesh and blood. Amen. "Be ye Holy, for I am Holy, for without Holiness no man shall see God" --Leviticus-&-I Peter-- "...with God all things are possible" Said Jesus Christ --Matthew--

for Musa

Terri Beaudry
For young Musa, age 24, who loves the Lord so much and who takes care of orphans in Pakistan, for all sadness, heaviness and anxiety to leave him, and for the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit to fill him, as he loves to bring families who live near him to faith in Jesus. For him to be mightily encouraged and strengthened in his inner being, and for a special blessing of love on his marriage with Kiran, who is 19 and expecting a baby very soon.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.