The FM student ministry is a place where we encourage and disciple students by making much of Christ, growing in Christ, and sending students out to tell others about Christ. We believe that God meets us where we are in our lives, whether it be sins, struggles, questions or doubts, and lovingly pursues our hearts, drawing us to faith and salvation in Jesus Christ alone. Thus, we seek to be a community that welcomes one another as Christ has welcomed us to the glory of God (Rom. 15.7).

Every time we gather we discuss the questions that students are asking about God and the world. We then point to where and how God’s Word addresses those questions, while sharing clear and practical application for how that truth relates to their lives. Lastly, we pray for one another as we all go back out into the world with the love of Christ. 

Meeting Times:
Wednesday nights @6.30p & Sunday mornings @9.15a in the FM Student Room.