Cross Church : Spiritual Fatherhood
February 23, 2020

Cross Church : Spiritual Fatherhood

Passage: 1 Corinthians 4.14-21

The final verses in chapter 4 ties together what Paul has been saying. First, he addressed himself directly. He was a faithful servant of Christ. Then, he focused attention on Corinth. Since they wanted to unfairly scrutinize his calling as an apostle, maybe it was time for the church to consider her choices and lack of maturity. Now, the apostle addresses in a genuine fatherly tone. They must jettison the world’s ideas and pursue a long obedience by following Christ in the model of Paul. Disciple-making is the basic command of Christ to his church. Every believer ought to address two basic questions. Who instructs and guides my walk? And who am I instructing and helping?

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