April 12, 2020

Easter : Good News for a Sin Sick World

Passage: 1 Corinthians 15:1-11

There is good news. In NT Greek, gospel meaning good news often referred to victory on the battlefield. A herald would announce the news from the front lines. Early believers borrowed it to describe their mission. Yet, in Corinth, a group was spreading a false report. Christ did not really rise again but that does not matter. So, Paul again outlines the gospel to Corinth. It’s priority one for him and us today. To deny the Resurrection of Christ and believers removes all hope from the good news.

  • It’s Good News Because We Are Being Saved (1-2).
  • It’s Good News Because God’s Word Is True (3-4).
  • It’s Good News Because Christ Changed Everything (3-7).
  • It’s Good News Because of What Grace Can Do (8-10).
  • It’s Good News Because Belief Equals Living Hope (11).

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