Week 2 : God Is My Father
April 26, 2020

Week 2 : God Is My Father

Passage: Romans 8:12-17

‘No condemnation’ in Romans 8.1 leads to ‘no separation’ in v.39. Those two realities shape salvation, but there is more. Tucked away in the chapter is the biblical teaching of adoption. God brings us into a family and new relationships. We are not alone. Understanding adoption helps the believer grasp the glorious blessings of salvation. The apostle outlines several of those in Romans 8.

What are the blessings and benefits of adoption?

  1. He brings us into his family.
  2. He gives us many good things.
  3. He works it out.
  4. He corrects and comforts.
  5. He meets our needs.
  6. He welcomes us back.
  7. He never lets go.

Father, I give you my life.

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