Good News Week 3 : Heaven Is My Home
May 3, 2020

Good News Week 3 : Heaven Is My Home

Passage: Revelation 21:1-8

Revelation 21 is the climax of the letter and the Bible as a whole. It begins with creation and ends with new creation here. Once again the will and purpose of God to be with man is reality. The author isolated from family and friends is given a glimpse of what is to come. It surely comforted him. For example, the sea which separated him from those he loved was gone in the ecstatic vision. But that was just the beginning. Only God can make all things new. What man forms and fashions is like himself – finite and limited. Thankfully, John obeyed the heavenly command and wrote it all down. If we could see what John saw on Patmos, we would see what we’ve been looking for all along. Heaven is home.

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